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My blog focuses on teaching homeowners more about their plumbing, so that you can enjoy what you have and troubleshoot new problems.

Should You Adjust The Temperature On My Water Heater?

24 July 2020
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If you're the kind of person who absolutely loves hot showers, one of the first things you most likely did when you moved into your new house was check the temperature on the water heater. If that's you, you may want to think again. Once about every minute, someone in the United States is admitted to the hospital for a burn that needs treatment. Many are caused by water from a consumer household appliance. Read More …

Septic Repairs Completed When Your Drainage Field Floods With Water

22 June 2020
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Septic tanks sometimes need repairs and there are some obvious signs that a repair service is required. This is true if you notice that your drainage field is filled with water, or even worse, contaminated with sewage. In this case, there are a few different repairs that a professional may need to complete. Keep reading to learn what they are. Baffle Replacement Your septic tank has a variety of different parts and pieces that prevent sewage from entering into the drainage field. Read More …

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Things to Know

14 May 2020
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Although it easy to heat up cold water on a stove, it isn't convenient when it comes to wanting to take a hot shower or clean clothes with hot water in a washing machine. Most households use water heaters as a method for obtaining hot water, but there can be a problem when numerous people in the household are using hot water at the same time. For example, a water heater that has a tank is only able to heat up a certain amount of water at a time, which means that it can turn cold in the middle of taking a shower when too many people are using it. Read More …

Five Mistakes To Avoid During An Emergency Plumbing Leak

21 April 2020
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During a plumbing emergency, you might feel like you're unable to contact a plumber because it is late at night or you might not expect the plumber to have his or her schedule open. You might try to perform the emergency repairs yourself. However, there are several mistakes you can make when repairing a leak that can actually cost you even more money than the cost of a plumber. 1. Not Having Necessary Tools Read More …

Three Solutions For A Septic Tank That Keeps Backing Up

13 March 2020
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When a septic tank starts to back up on a regular basis despite having it pumped, this is a good indication that the source of your problem is somewhere else in your plumbing system. Diagnosing the problem can sometimes be difficult as many problems have the same symptoms, but a professional can assist you and get your plumbing system working again. Here are three reasons your drains are giving you trouble. Read More …

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