Why You Should Choose an Elongated Toilet Design

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Why You Should Choose an Elongated Toilet Design

22 April 2015
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The difference between round and elongated toilet bowls lies in the dimensions of the two designs. A typical round toilet bowl will extend out only about 28 inches from the wall. One the other hand, an elongated bowl might extend out as much as 31 inches.

These differences in dimension mean that an elongated bowl might take up more space. This sometimes makes it the less desirable option in smaller bathrooms where saving space is important. However, the advantages of elongated bowls make it the best option for homeowners who have a little more room to stretch out in when they do their business. 

A traditional toilet features a round bowl. However, an elongated toilet bowl shape has become increasingly popular over the years, and many homeowners prefer this type of toilet seat to the traditional rounded design. The following are the major reasons why you should choose an elongated bowl design:


Most people consider elongated toilet seats to be more comfortable than round seats. Elongated seats offer more support, and this is especially important for the elderly or others with mobility issues that might make sitting down on a traditional toilet seat difficult. 

Modern Look

Rounded toilet bowls were around way before the elongated bowl became available. This makes it so that many people feel that a rounded bowl looks old -fashioned. 

The elongated toilet bowl is generally considered to look more modern and contributes to a contemporary feel in a bathroom's overall design. 

Lower Chances of Clogging

Toilet clogs are often happen less in elongated toilets. This is because elongated bowls tend to be larger and hold more water. That means that they produce a stronger flushing force that is more effective at clearing the bowl of waste and pushing water through the pipes so that clogs and buildup are avoided. 

Easier to clean

The greater spaciousness of an elongated toilet makes it easier to clean than a round model. In a smaller round toilet bowl, it can be hard to clean away all of the buildup effectively. It's easier to get a toilet bowl cleaner down into the wider cavity at the bottom of an elongated bowl. 

Ease of use

Men especially are known to prefer elongated seats because they make the task of aiming into the bowl a little easier. Elongated bowls are more spacious and reduce the chances that men will soil the seat when they urinate.

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