3 Reasons To Install A Radiant Heating System

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3 Reasons To Install A Radiant Heating System

5 May 2015
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A radiant heating system is one of the most popular heating systems, mostly because of the many advantages it offers that a forced-air system cannot match. Radiant heating utilizes a series of electrical pads or pipes located in your walls and floors to warm up your home. These heating systems are easy to maintain, do not pollute your air, and lower your energy usage.

Lower Your Energy Usage

One of the biggest benefits provided by installing a radiant heating system is that it can lower you monthly heating bills and energy usage. The reason for this is that you can divide your home into heating zones, which ensures that you only heat rooms that are actually in use. For example, during the day you can have a zone that only heats your main living areas, while the bedrooms are the only areas heated at night.

With most forced-air heating systems, you have the furnace heating every room in the house when it turns on. This is a big waste of energy when you consider that it will even be heating empty rooms. In addition, a portion of your heat is lost when the warm air travels through your vents and escapes through cracks or faulty seals. This is not a problem with a radiant heating system because it does not utilize a duct system.

Easy To Maintain

Radiant heating systems are ideal for anyone that wants a heating system that does not require a lot of maintenance. The only concern that you should keep in mind is that the boiler can freeze if the heater is not used for several days in a row while it is freezing outside. 

A forced-air system is going to require a bit more maintenance. With a forced-air system, you are going to need to clean or replace your furnace filter regularly, as well as having your ducts cleaned out.

Air Pollution

Finally, since a radiant heating system does not blow air around your home, it will not worsen the air quality in your home. A forced-air system can spread dusts, allergens, and other particles that are located in the ducts all over your home. This can lead to allergic reactions, rashes, trouble breathing, and even a foul smell circulating through your house.

Speak to a heating contractor, like those at Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air, in order to discuss the many benefits provided by radiant heat. Radiant heating system is superior to forced-air because it does not pollute the air or require a lot of maintenance. 

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