Four Plumbing Tips For Renters

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Four Plumbing Tips For Renters

2 March 2016
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Just because you are renting your apartment or home doesn't mean that you shouldn't ensure that all plumbing features are in working order. When it comes to plumbing, day-to-day habits as well as ongoing maintenance can make your life easier. Here are four things that you can do as a renter to help keep plumbing problems at bay.

1. Check Out Plumbing On Your Walk Through

Whether you are checking out a new apartment or are doing an initial walk through on your newly rented space, be sure to note the state of general plumbing if you can. Make sure that toilets don't run, faucets don't drip, and that drains run clear. If there are any issues that are present before you even move in, have the landlord fix these first so that you can start out on the right foot.

2. Find Out Emergency Procedures Ahead Of Time

It isn't a great idea to wait until you are having a plumbing emergency at 2am on a Saturday night to figure out emergency plumbing protocols. Be sure to ask your landlord ahead of time about what to do in the case of emergency maintenance. They might want you to call them directly, but might also have a property management company or want you to call their emergency plumber directly in this type of situation.

3. Don't Forget To Report Small Problems

If a small leak becomes a major problem over time, you can actually be blamed for negligence if you failed to report this to your landlord early on. If you notice a drippy faucet or the toilet starts to run, don't put this off just because you don't own the property. Be sure to report any plumbing issues that seem off. This can help keep minor issues from turning into major problems down the line.

4. Try Your Best To Tread Lightly

There are a few things that you can do in your day-to-day life that can keep plumbing in working order. If you can shy away from flushing sanitary products or wipes down the toilet, you will be less apt to clog toilets over time. Don't just throw everything down the garbage disposal because your can. Especially if you are living in an older home, it is worth it to go easy on your plumbing in order to avoid bigger problems.

While being a renter does absolve you from having to take care of general maintenance within your home, it is best if you work with your landlord on issues that come up over time. This includes plumbing issues that are either emergencies or smaller problems. Your landlord can only act on the problems they know about, so be sure to keep communication lines open. 

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