Two Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

My blog focuses on teaching homeowners more about their plumbing, so that you can enjoy what you have and troubleshoot new problems.

Two Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

7 March 2016
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A problem with the plumbing system in your home can be a terrible experience for anyone. In addition to making life in the home unsanitary and uncomfortable, these problems can also lead to serious damages if they are not properly addressed. Unfortunately, it is common for new homeowners to be unsure of the steps needed to avoid some routine plumbing problems. If you have recently purchased your first home, there are a couple of tips that you can use to mitigate some routine plumbing problems.

Check For Pipes Before Hanging Pictures

Driving a nail into the wall to hang a picture is a common task for homeowners to do. While this may seem like a routine enough chore, it can pose a serious threat to your plumbing system. There are often pipes running behind the walls in your home, and if you drive a nail too deep, it can puncture these pipes.

Avoiding this type of problem will require you to invest in a high-quality stud finder. Many of these devices can detect the metal that is in the wall from studs, pipes and wires. While this tool may be somewhat expensive, it is the best option for reducing the chances that you puncture the pipes behind your walls.

Know The Signs Of Needing A Sump Pump

Backed up water can be  a serious problem for the low areas of your home, such as the basement. This problem can be caused by low plumbing pressure, poor drainage of storm water or any other number of reasons. When the plumbing fixtures in the lower floors of your home struggle to drain or storm water backs up into the basement, you will likely need to consider installing a sump pump.

These pumps are designed to pull stormwater away from the basement of the house. Also, these pumps can be configured to provide additional pressure for the lower areas of your home. A sump pump can be an excellent option for addressing these issues, but you should always let a professional plumber perform this installation. If these pumps are not properly installed, they can malfunction, which can expose your home to a higher risk of suffering damages.

There can be a seemingly endless number of different threats to your plumbing system. For new homeowners, managing these threats can be a stressful task because they may not be informed about these topics. Making sure that you understand the benefits of investing in a stud finder that can locate pipes as well as understanding the signs that your home may need a sump pump can help you to get the most out of your home's plumbing by avoiding some common problems. Contact a business, such as Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc, for more information.   

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