How To Decorate Your Bathroom After A Remodel

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How To Decorate Your Bathroom After A Remodel

2 June 2016
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Thanks to your new remodel, your bathroom is no longer boring and plain. You now want to finish transforming it into a relaxing place to have a nice bath at the end of a hectic day. Your bathroom can be your sanctuary and with these quick decorating tips, you can make the most of your remodel. 

Bottles and Decorative Labels

One way to decorate your bathroom is to buy decorative bottles to put some of your bath products inside. For example, you could remove bath salt out of its boring packaging and put them into the decorative bottles. Add an extra flair by attaching a decorative label to it.

Hang Towels on a Ladder

You could also hang towels on a ladder. This works especially well if you have a rustic theme in your bathroom. Find an old ladder with rustic wood and it makes a great place to hang towels. You can make the look even better by using different colors on each level.

Hang Art That Matches Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains tend to be the focal point of bathrooms, and if you have a shower curtain that is patterned or decorative, then you can easily create art that matches it on a separate wall. If you're crafty you can paint a pattern like your shower curtain, or you could even buy two of the same type of shower curtains and cut the other one out and wrap it around a piece of foam board. Add a frame that brings out a pop of color and you now have a beautiful piece of art that matches your shower curtain.

Use Screens

Screens come in many different beautiful designs. You can use them in place of shades or blinds in your bathroom, especially behind a freestanding tub. You could also use one in front of your tub instead of a shower curtain.

Create a Decorative Cabinet

You can create a beautiful cabinet using an old window. Simply mount some shelves and install hinges to make it so the glass front is able to be opened. Take it to the next level with a crystal or iron decorative knob.

Change the Lighting

Change out your standard bathroom lighting with sconces or a chandelier. Even a small chandelier can add flair and class to your bathroom. If you have a rustic bathroom you can go with a more rustic type of lighting.

With the remodel and some decorations, your bathroom can become the sanctuary you always wanted. If you find that there are additional remodeling changes you want to make to your bathroom, contact a company like ABEL Plumbing Inc.

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