Three Tips For Caring For Your Home's Drains

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Three Tips For Caring For Your Home's Drains

20 July 2016
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Drains that become clogged can create a series of problems for any home. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that are not particularly aware of the steps that they can take to address this problem when it arises or lower the risk of their homes experiencing it. To help you with this aspect of owning a plumbing system, it may be beneficial to keep the following few tips in mind.

Use Hot Water To Loosen Any Drain Clogs

Eventually, you will likely find that one or more of your drains are running slowly. This is likely due to a slowly developing clog in the pipe. While you may assume that using liquid drain cleaners and clog removers will be a suitable repair option, these substances can cause severe corrosion of the pipes.

You will be able to help remove these clogs without harming the pipe by pouring extremely hot water down the drain. The hot water will help to dissolve any sticky residue on the interior sides of the pipes that are holding the clog in place. After pouring the almost boiling water down the drain, you will want to closely watch how quickly it drains. While this can be an effective and safe solution, it may take several treatments to completely remove the clog. As a result, you should repeat this process until you notice that water is able to freely flow through the drain.

Deodorize The Drains

One day, you will likely notice a rather unpleasant odor coming from your drains. These odors come from the organic material that may start to accumulate on the sides of the pipes as these substances start to decompose. You can help to address this odor by making a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar has a powerful scent that can hide present odors, and the vinegar can help to sanitize the drain to prevent the smell from returning.

Have The Drains Cleaned By A Trained Professional

At least once every few years, you should consider having your drains professionally cleaned. During this cleaning process, a technician can use a powerful jet of water to break apart any materials that are gathering on the interior of the pipes. This jet will also force these materials out of the pipe, which can greatly improve the ability of water to flow through it. Additionally, these professionals have tools that can safely scrape the sides of the pipes if there are materials that are proving to be resistant to the jet of water.

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