Regular Maintenance Can Keep Your Basement From Flooding

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Regular Maintenance Can Keep Your Basement From Flooding

12 February 2020
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If you have constant struggles with water in your basement — a lack of maintenance could be to blame. From an issue with the water supply line to a sump pump problem to an issue with the hot water tank, the list goes on and on concerning what could cause a leak. Learn what critical maintenance tips you should stay on top of to avoid a basement flood.

Water Supply Line

The main water supply connection to a home should be inspected every so many years. From normal operation, the nuts and bolts that secure this connection can corrode. The greater the damage to these connections, the less effective they are at containing water. 

The main supply line is commonly installed on the bottom level of a home. Consequently, once the corrosion takes over and the bolt or nut fails, you're likely to discover a large pool of water in the basement. There is little that can be done to stop corrosion from forming, but with routine inspections, the fastener can be replaced before it reaches the point of failure.

Sump Pump

If you neglect routine maintenance to the sump pump, you might experience a sump pump overflow that will lead to a flooded basement. The impeller, which is a filter inside the sump pump, should be cleaned routinely. If the impeller is not cleaned, debris will settle on it and form a clog. 

The clogged impeller sends a signal to the sump pump to power down, as a protective measure. Unfortunately, you might not discover that the pump has powered off until you have several inches of water in your basement, due to heavy rains. Routine inspections of the sump pump will also include a check of the impeller to see if it's time for a cleaning.

Hot Water Tank

A leaking hot water tank can also cause a basement flood, and the likelihood of this problem increases when maintenance to the unit does not remain a priority. Similar to the main water line, the connections that transfer the water in and out of the tank can corrode and fail. 

However, water can also leak from the tank due to a faulty drain valve. While less likely to cause large amounts of water leakage, if the pressure relief monitor inside the unit is not functioning correctly, it could force water out of the tank as well. A detailed inspection of the hot water tank can help highlight these issues early on. 

If you have fallen behind with your plumbing maintenance, a technician can help. Speak with a technician to discuss your current maintenance plans and to discuss what changes you should make.

For more information, contact a plumbing maintenance service.

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