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My blog focuses on teaching homeowners more about their plumbing, so that you can enjoy what you have and troubleshoot new problems.

Make Your Own Cheap Drain Cleaner For Freshening Up Smelly Drains

25 April 2015
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If you have noticed your kitchen sink's drain has started to smell funky, you may wonder if there is a cheap drain cleaner you can use to eliminate the odors and freshen it up. Make the following homemade drain cleaner using ingredients you may already have or can easily find in a grocery store. What You Will Need Before making your odor-neutralizing drain cleaner, you will need to gather the following supplies. Read More …

Dealing With Plumbing Odors In Your Recently Purchased Home

23 April 2015
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If you've moved into a new home and you can smell odors around all of the sinks and drains, you need to call a plumber. Since you don't know if the previous homeowner had any backup issues, or if they had the drains cleaned frequently, the problem may not be apparent. There are a lot of different things that could be creating odors, and causing the odors to linger up through the drains. Read More …

Why You Should Choose an Elongated Toilet Design

22 April 2015
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The difference between round and elongated toilet bowls lies in the dimensions of the two designs. A typical round toilet bowl will extend out only about 28 inches from the wall. One the other hand, an elongated bowl might extend out as much as 31 inches. These differences in dimension mean that an elongated bowl might take up more space. This sometimes makes it the less desirable option in smaller bathrooms where saving space is important. Read More …

Residential Plumbing Woes: Debunking Garbage Disposal Myths

21 April 2015
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If you are like most homeowners, you probably use your garbage disposal daily—if not multiple times per day. Unfortunately, most people do not know the mechanics behind the garbage disposal, and that has led to several myths about the device. You might be surprised to learn that your usage or maintenance of your garbage disposal is all wrong. But once you know the truth, you can ensure proper usage and keep it running smoothly for many years. Read More …

3 Money-Saving Tips To Keeping Your House Cool

20 April 2015
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With the summer months approaching, many people are worried about turning on the AC. This is because once you start blasting the AC in the house; you immediately start paying more money on your electrical bill. Luckily, there are things that every homeowner can do to keep their house, and themselves cool, without losing tons of money on the AC. Here are a couple tips. 1. Focus On Keeping Yourself Cool Read More …

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